What is it?

Just like the squirrel, a small, agile, smart, alert and cute animal, squirrel-foundation is aimed to provide a lightweight, highly flexible and extensible, diagnosable, easy use and type safe Java state machine implementation for enterprise usage.

Here is the state machine diagram which describes the state change of an ATM:

The sample code could be found in package "org.squirrelframework.foundation.fsm.atm".


squirrel-foundation has been deployed to maven central repository, so you only need to add following dependency to the pom.xml.

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Quick Start

To quickly try squirrel state machine functions, please create a maven project and include squirrel-foundation dependency properly. Then just run following sample code.

public class QuickStartSample {

    // 1. Define State Machine Event
    enum FSMEvent {
        ToA, ToB, ToC, ToD

    // 2. Define State Machine Class
    @StateMachineParameters(stateType=String.class, eventType=FSMEvent.class, contextType=Integer.class)
    static class StateMachineSample extends AbstractUntypedStateMachine {
        protected void fromAToB(String from, String to, FSMEvent event, Integer context) {
            System.out.println("Transition from '"+from+"' to '"+to+"' on event '"+event+
                "' with context '"+context+"'.");

        protected void ontoB(String from, String to, FSMEvent event, Integer context) {
            System.out.println("Entry State \'"+to+"\'.");

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // 3. Build State Transitions
        UntypedStateMachineBuilder builder = StateMachineBuilderFactory.create(StateMachineSample.class);

        // 4. Use State Machine
        UntypedStateMachine fsm = builder.newStateMachine("A");
        fsm.fire(FSMEvent.ToB, 10);

        System.out.println("Current state is "+fsm.getCurrentState());

At now you may have many questions about the sample code, please be patient. The following user guide will answer most of your questions. But before getting into the details, it requires you have basic understanding on state machine concepts. These materials are good for understanding state machine concepts. [state-machine-diagrams] [qt-state-machine]

User Guide

Get Starting

squirrel-foundation supports both fluent API and declarative manner to declare a state machine, and also enable user to define the action methods in a straightforward manner.

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See EXAMPLES file.

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